Brexit sell out: EU trade deal gives bloc ‘powers to dictate’ - Boris urged ...

Brexit: EU ‘damaged trust’ in UK negotiations says MEP

The European Parliament reluctantly approved the Trade and Corporation Agreement on Wednesday, more than four months after the deal was agreed in December. The divorce agreement has been provisionally implemented since January 1, but the interpretation of the deal has resulted in increased tensions between the UK and the EU.

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Much of the friction centres around arrangements in Northern Ireland which has seen Belfast tied to the EU regulatory framework.

Former foreign policy adviser and Brexiteer, Ben Harris-Quinney, has condemned the deal and its impact on Northern Ireland, trade and fishing.

The chairman of the independent Bow Group think-tank says the deal grants the EU “major powers to dictate what goes on in the UK” and has urged the UK Government to re-negotiate in order to give Britain “total control and sovereignty”.

The deal was formally announced on December 24 and Mr Harris-Quinney voice his reservations at the time by outlining 10 major flaws.

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Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson has been urged to take another look at the Brexit trade deal (Image: GETTY)

Brexit dealMEP's ratified the trade deal on Wednesday (Image: GETTY)

He claimed the deal would allow the EU to impose rules of the single market in the UK, create a border down the Irish Sea, and said the new fishing deal was too closely aligned to the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

Mr Harris-Quinney told “Following the announcement of the final detail of the Brexit deal last year the Bow Group raised 10 points of urgent concern with the deal.

“Since that time, on issues like Northern Ireland, on immigration, on trade and on fishing, our concerns have become immediately apparent flaws in the deal.

“Fundamentally the EU still has major powers to dictate what goes on in the UK via the binding treaties in this deal, and judging from their approach and attitude since the deal was done they fully intend to use them.

David Frost and Michel BarnierDavid Frost and Michel Barnier led the negotiations (Image: GETTY)

“It is obviously a cause of huge celebration that we finally left the EU, but this was a bad deal that didn't reflect what people voted for.”

MEPs began debating the trade deal on Tuesday and European Commission president Ursula von der

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