China’s Communist Party blasted over ‘inappropriate’ social media post ...

The Chinese Communist party has been denounced over a post made on social media platform Weibo about the current humanitarian crisis in India. The post compares a photograph of a rocket launch in China with another snap of dead bodies being cremated in India, with the caption “Lighting a fire in China vs lighting a fire in India.”

The account that shared the post is operated by the official Chinese law enforcement agency, the Communist Party’s Central Political and Legal Affairs commission.

People on the social media platform, which is often compared to Twitter, purportedly condemned the message behind the post.

According to BBC, users said the post was “inappropriate” and that China “should express sympathy for India.”

Tensions between the two countries have been escalating following India’s occupation of the strategic Kailash in late August last year.

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Last month, fears of an all-out conflict between the two nations escalated as Beijing renewed threats amid tense border stand-offs along the disputed Line of control which cuts across the

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