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Line of Duty: Fan says he was 'overwhelmed' by series finale

While many Line Of Duty fans branded the season 6 finale "underwhelming", Jenny Ryan certainly was not in agreement. The Chase favourite spoke out in view of her 92,000 Twitter followers after the final episode aired yesterday.

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A high octane finale and Scooby Doo-type unmasking would have been a huge betrayal

Jenny Ryan

The 39-year-old passionately defended the conclusion, the seventh episode in the sixth series written by Jed Mercurio.

The hour-long instalment saw "The Fourth Man" finally unmasked as DS Ian Buckells (played by Nigel Boyle).

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The Vixen star has now said a twist at the end as to the criminal mastermind's identity would have been a "huge betrayal".

She branded the culmination "realistic" as she shared a number of positive posts about the ending.

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Jenny Ryan Line Of Duty finale Twitter defends The Chase news latest updateJenny Ryan has defended the Line Of Duty finale on Twitter (Image: ITV/BBC)

Jenny Ryan Line Of Duty finale Twitter defends The Chase news latest updateJenny Ryan took to Twitter after the Line Of Duty finale (Image: ITV)

"I'm just glad Terry's alright. #LineOfDuty," Jenny had started, referencing an initial suspect in the enquiry, portrayed by Tommy Jessop.

As the final scenes played out, the ITV regular felt the need to share her views on the somewhat criticised finale.

She retweeted a message which read: "I mean it makes sense that the mediocre man rose to the top of the OCG with no real expertise or qualifications, so... #LineOfDuty."

Jenny shared another that stated: "The Line Of Duty finale was good it was like 'people who care about justice have been marginalised and people in power are all scum' like yes correct

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