London Mayor candidate outlines bold proposal to turn capital green with ...

Brian Rose outlines green policy that 'will change the game'

Speaking to mayoral candidate Brian Rose explained how he wants to bring in advanced green technology that will allow public transport to be charged while it is moving. Mr Rose explained how there is technology available called "induction charging" which can wirelessly charge batteries. He went on to say claim how the ambitious idea is an answer to combatting pollution in the capital and forms a part of his "greener London" plans to cut emmissions in the city which believes current mayor Sadiq Khan has failed to do.

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Mr Rose explained: “I got my degree in mechanical engineering from MIT and got to study with some of the greatest minds in the world and really learnt a lot about technology.

“I have a real tie to technology, I’ve always been fascinated by it, I’ve worked in automotive and aerospace as well."

He went on saying: “When I look at a greener London, I look at a central London, I see high emissions, I train every single day outside a lot of times, I don’t like breathing bad air but I see if we can find a way to efficiently charge our vehicles we can make all this a reality much sooner.”

The Mayoral candidate then highlighted: “There is technology where you can actually charge a vehicle while it’s moving, imagine Oxford Street and Regent Street having these induction charge technologies where we can charge buses and taxis while they’re moving."

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Brian RoseBrian Rose said "induction charging" is the future for London (Image: Brian Rose office)

Green BritainAir quality in cities (Image:

Mr Rose explained: “This will allow a much quicker, greener initiative of this city and it’ll make it to where central London could be this incredible space where not only is there clean air but it

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