Are you eligible for extra state pension? Deferring your claim for the payment ...

In the UK, there's no longer a set retirement age. This means some may retire prior to state pension age, others at this age, while some may continue to work for some time longer.

For the new state pension, the Government adds: "The extra amount is paid with your State Pension and may be taxable."

For both the basic and the new state pension, the amount of extra state pension a person gets depends on how long they defer claiming it.

"The longer you defer, the more you'll get," the Government adds.

For the new state pension, people who defer for at least nine weeks will get the increased amount.

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It will mean the state pension increases by one percent for every nine weeks put off claiming.

This works out at just under 5.8 percent for every full year deferred.

For the new state pension, the extra amount is paid with the regular state pension payment, once it's been claimed.

"After you claim, the extra amount you get because you deferred will usually increase each year in line with inflation," explains the Government.

However, people

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