'Smacks of colonialism' Dr Jarvis slams new Royal Yacht plans honouring Prince ...

Prince Philip: Dr Sarah Jarvis criticises £200m yacht plans

The physician insisted she was a "huge fan" of Prince Philip but noted the time is not right for the Government to undertake major investment for a new yacht. Reports over the weekend have suggested Westminster is looking into having a new yacht to succeed the Queen's beloved HMS Britannia, which was decommissioned in 1997, built. But Dr Jarvis dismissed the idea as she suggested the move is "smacking of colonialism."

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Speaking on the Jeremy Vine on Five show, the broadcaster said: "I don't think the Royal Family would want this.

"This is £200 million - I'm a huge fan of Prince Philip, I'm a huge fan of the Queen.

"Absolutely, he had a very fine, a very proud naval history but the time to have done it might've been when the decommissioned Britannia.

"It is certainly not now when we are in the most parlous financial state."

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prince philip news sarah jarvis yacht royalPrince Philip yacht: Dr Sarah did not support plans for the £200 million project (Image: CHANNEL 5•GETTY)

prince philip news royal navy careerPrince Philip gave up his navy career when the Queen ascended the throne (Image: GETTY)

She continued: "And this idea...we're not going to get back the money that we spend on this, and this, frankly, is smacking of colonialism to me.

"'Look, we are a big international power. We may be little but look how big we are on the world's stage'."

Speculation about a new £200 million yacht emerged weeks after the Duke of Edinburgh died aged 99 in April.

Prince Philip served as Lord High Admiral from 2011 until his death, and maintained a close relationship with the British Navy since giving up his career in 1952.

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