Ronnie O'Sullivan's fury at Snooker chiefs' 'bullying': 'I'm done with all of ...

Ronnie O'Sullivan clashes with Mark Allen during tense game

Ronnie O'Sullivan was dumped out of the Snooker World Championships in the second round this year as Mark Selby and Shaun Murphy contest the final. Selby seized the advantage in the second session at the Crucible yesterday, winning seven out of the nine frames played on Sunday night to turn a 5-3 deficit into a 10-7 lead heading into today's battle. O'Sullivan offered his view on the final, saying: “If Murphy wins this tournament, he is going to be sitting here thinking, ‘I need a year off’, because that is what Selby is going to do to him.

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“If Selby doesn’t win it, Murphy isn’t going to be sitting here going, ‘oh that was enjoyable’. He’s going to be sitting here going, ‘that was horrible’. And it will take him a while to feel normal again. That’s how bad he wants it.

“How do you take that out of someone? You are going to have to scrape him off and then pick him up. It’s going to be fun!”

O'Sullivan is notoriously outspoken in the world of snooker, as seen when he hit out at the sport's authorities in 2017.

He accused them of bullying and intimidating him in a furious outburst.

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Ronnie O'Sullivan news:Ronnie O'Sullivan news: Ronnie clashed with Snooker authorities (Image: getty)

Ronnie O'Sullivan news:Ronnie O'Sullivan news: He clashed with Barry Hearn (Image: getty)

Prior to the row, O'Sullivan had deliberately given one word answers in post-match interviews among other exchanges, prompting World Snooker chairman Barry Hearn to brand his behaviour "embarrassing."

The Rocket hit back furiously: “I phoned Barry up four weeks ago and I said, ‘Barry, I’m done with all you and your board of people'.

“And I’ve got a very good friend of mine who said, ‘Just let my lawyers deal with it'. I won’t get involved with it because I’m not being bullied, I’m not having people doing that to me ever

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