The SNP said the election is on a 'knife edge'

Glasgow: Independence supporters and unionists hold protests

Sky News' political editor Beth Rigby said the Prime Minister would be faced with the prospect of taking legal action against Holyrood if it passes legislation for a vote on Union membership. In an op-ed, she predicted the path could lead to a potentially messy battle at the Supreme Court. She said a victory for Ms Sturgeon at Thursday's elections would have profound consequences for Mr Johnson.

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She wrote: "For Boris Johnson and his Number 10, the prospect of an outright SNP victory is nothing short of a nightmare. It puts the future of the 300-year Union into play.

"It is a fight that the prime minister can neither ignore nor afford to lose. Is there a worse legacy than being the British prime minister who lost the Union?"

The SNP published its "Road to a Referendum" map in January.

The party also set up an independence task force, a move that drew scorn due to the timing.

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boris johhnsonBoris Johnson will have a 'nightmare' if the SNP push for a referendum, Beth Rigby said (Image: GETTY)

scottish independencePro-independence Scots stage a demonstration (Image: GETTY)

Scotland has been hit hard by the Covid pandemic and many voters saw the SNP's decision as unwise.

The roadmap sets out how the nationalists plan to hold another public vote on independence after 55 percent of Scots rejected the idea in 2014.

It would see Holyrood pass the legislation and than ask the UK Government to agree with it.

If ministers refused to accept it, Westminster and Holyrood could become embroiled in a high-stakes legal battle.

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nicola sturgeonNicola Sturgeon is determined to take Scotland out of the UK (Image: GETTY)

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Ms Rigby added: "Ms Sturgeon knows it is not good enough for Mr Johnson just to declare an independence referendum illegal - he'll have to

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