Princess Diana's 'shame' bike that was 'not fit for a royal' sells for £40,000

Princess Diana and family on bikesPrincess Diana, pictured on a similar bike with family on the Isles of Scilly, enjoyed cycling (Image: PA)

The blue Raleigh was dubbed the "shame" bike because the princess was told to get rid of it before she married Prince Charles. The royal had ridden the bicycle to work at a nursery every day before becoming engaged.

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Diana quickly sold it after she was told that the bike was not "fit for a princess," reports Sussex Live.

And on Wednesday the bike was sold at an auction house in Battle, East Sussex, for a huge £44,000 - more than double the £20,000 estimate.

The bike was sold for around £9,000 in 2018, meaning today's sale marks a fivefold increase of value in just three years.

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Burstow and Hewett, the auctioneers in Battle, had expected the bike to sell for between £15,000 and £20,000, largely based on the popularity of drama The Crown. 

Princess Diana's bike sold for more than £40,000Princess Diana's bike sold for more than £40,000 (Image: Burstow and Hewett)

The auctioneers also cited a greater interest in royal memorabilia, as well as

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