Brexit win! Liz Truss confident UK to 'double' £24bn trade benefits with new ...

Liz Truss outlines planned trade deal with India

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss told Sky News on Tuesday that she is confident she can "double" trade between Britain and India by 2030. Current trade between the two countries stands at "£24 billion" according to Ms Truss. She said negotiations for a full free trade deal with India will be launched in the autumn and "wins" for each country will be achieved along the way as India pulls itself out of its current Covid crisis and the two countries work out ways to "lower or remove" tariffs in negotiations.

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The International Trade Secretary said: “First of all this is a significant announcement.

“It’s going to mean 6,000 new jobs in the United Kingdom including areas like vaccinations."

She continued by saying: “There are also going to be more opportunities in India because this is about a win-win for both countries it’s about helping India with the immediate covid cirrus but also helping India build back better after the covid crisis.

“We will start negotiations on a full free trade agreement this autumn, of course, free trades take longer, what this is is the immediate gains that what we can get for both countries driving jobs and growth both here in Britain and in Britain."

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TrussTruss was confident about Britains future trade opportunities (Image: Sky News)

TrussLiz Truss spoke to Sky News this morning (Image: Sky News)

Liz Truss was then asked how quickly Britain can work towards a free trade deal with the South Asian powerhouse.

Ms Truss replied: “We want

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