Dad reported to police and 'clears his name' after walk with young daughter

Joey Lennon was captured on CCTV looking up into a house during the stroll on Sunday evening. His daughter had played a joke on Joey, convincing him there was a birds' nest in an old alarm box on the "dilapidated" property.

But homeowners who saw Joey, a web designer, posted messages on social media warning others of suspicious behaviour in St Helens, Merseyside.

And the Liverpool Echo says one even reported the behaviour to police.

The post told residents to "keep their eyes peeled" for Joey as he was "looking into houses".

However after waking up to "dozens of messages" the next day, Joey has given an innocent explanation for his hovering outside the house.

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"It was around 8pm and we were just going on a little walk and my daughter spotted an old alarm box on this house," said the dad from St Helens.

"It looked like [the house] had been empty for a couple of years as it was quite dilapidated.

"My daughter said 'there’s birds up there' and I was trying to see the birds nest. Walking away I thought 'there's no birds in there' and later she told me she was winding me up.

"I went to bed early because I'm a web designer

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