Joe Biden mocked over latest blunder after US President fails to explains own ...

Joe Biden ‘mocked’ over comments on taxes says expert

President Joe Biden appeared at Tidewater Community College in Virginia as part of his promotion tour for his latest $1.8trillion investment into families, children, and education. But the head of state added to his long list of blunders when he suggested he would not make anyone earning less than $400,000 pay "a single penny in tax". Critics and allies alike both mocked the President online praising him for his unintentional large tax break.  

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Discussing his latest investment plan, Mr Biden told reporters: "The reason I am bothered to do this is I keep hearing on the press that Biden is going to raise your taxes.

"Anyone making less than $400,000 a year will not pay a single penny in taxes. 

"And we will not increase the deficit either online the last gigantic tax cut which increase the deficit by $2trillion."

Many took to Twitter to mock the president, with Republican Senator Ted Cruz writing: [Democrats] accidentally calling for abolishing income tax for those making under 400k, I accept!"

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Another wrote: "Oh nice, Joe Biden is setting the tax rate for folks earning less than $400,000 to 0 percent."

Joe BidenJoe Biden made the gaffe when he discussed his new family investment plan (Image: Sky News Australia)

Joe Biden speechThe US president will be investing in families and children (Image: Sky News Australia)

The blunder was clarified after the speech where Mr Biden was referring to a promise which would not see tax increases for anyone earning less than $400,000 rather than paying no tax at all.

But those who are in the top 0.3 percent of US earners will see a rate

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