'It's insulting!' Labour slammed for Hartlepool's Remainer pick 'What are they ...

Hartlepool: It’s ‘insulting’ Labour has chosen Remainer says Pierce

Good Morning Britain guest Andrew Pierce attacked the Labour Party for their choice of Paul Williams to stand in the Hartlepool election. He argued it was an "insulting" choice as the majority of the constituency had voted for Brexit. He questioned what the party was thinking and insisted the voters would pick up on Mr William's Remainer stance. 

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The current standings show that 50 percent of the constituency would vote for the Conservative Party's candidate Jill Mortimer.

Only 33 percent of the constituency would vote for Paul Williams.

Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid commented on Labour losing votes due to Brexit.

She said: "A lot of those seats, the red wall, were lost from Labour due to Brexit.

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Labour Brexit Hartlepool election news latest'It's insulting!' Labour have chosen a Remainer in Hartlepool 'What are they thinking!' (Image: GMB)

Labour Party Hartlepool election Brexit news Andrew Pierce Good Morning Britain vnLabour Party: Andrew Pierce raged at the Labour Party for choosing Remainer Paul Williams to stand for the party in the Hartlepool election. (Image: GETTY)

"This is because they were on the wrong side and that is being held against them.

Mr Pierce replied: "Yes, in the Hartlepool

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