Elderly man conned out of hundreds by Covid scammers

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William Grayson, 81, lives alone and 40-miles away from any relatives. He received a knock on his door from a man and woman claiming they were Covid volunteers supporting the elderly in his hometown in Weston-Super-Mare. The two ‘volunteers’ claimed they were local support workers picking up food and essential items on behalf of people who were unable to leave their homes.

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They offered to do shopping and errands for Mr Grayson and he gave them £200 for food and home essentials.

When Mr Grayson’s shopping never arrived, he was heartbroken that criminals would exploit the fact that he was too afraid to leave his home.

He said: “There was a lot of confusion about lockdown, I didn’t know whether I was safe to be in my garden, let alone go to the shops.

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Elderly man scammedCovid con artists tricked pensioner out of £200 whilst he was shielding. (Image: Getty)

“I had seen in the local paper that volunteers were out helping people in the area. I was grateful for some friendly faces

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