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AJ Pritchard's girlfriend outlines details of fire accident

AJ Pritchard’s girlfriend Abbie Quinnen, 23, suffered third-degree burns while filming for a YouTube video which ended up going horribly wrong. The professional dancers were attempting the latest trend of turning a wine bottle into a vase when Abbie’s hair and clothes caught alight. After AJ called 999, Abbie was transferred to Ealing Hospital before being taken to the burns unit in Chelsea. After a number of skin grafts, Abbie’s scarring has dramatically improved, although, she has since admitted that she feared her face would never be the same.

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During Tuesday’s Lorraine, Abbie made her first TV appearance since the accident alongside her boyfriend AJ.

Abbie began by explaining to the host how the horrific accident unfolded.

She said they were attempting a new online trend by dipping rope into a flammable chemical, before wrapping it around a bottle and setting it alight.

However, the glass exploded during the dangerous stunt and engulfed Abbie’s upper body in flames, before she was rushed to hospital after suffering the accident.

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Abbie QuinnenLorraine: Abbie Quinnen feared her face would never be the same again (Image: ITV)

Abbie QuinnenLorraine: Abbie was worried whether she would survive the accident (Image: ITV)

“I think AJ wanted to do this life hack,” Abbie told the host.

“This home hack and what everyone has been doing recently just to find something to do."

AJ chipped in: “Upturning an old wine bottle into a vase for flowers fundamentally.

“And wrapping a rope around the bottle, lighting it with some chemicals on it and placing it in cold water and then it cracks, and you’ve got a vase.

Lorraine KellyLorraine: The ITV host put a warning out to viewers about the online trend (Image: ITV)

Abbie Quinnen AJ PritchardLorraine: AJ appeared alongside his

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