Prince George 'to make a very good king' thanks to Prince William and Kate ...

Prince George to make a 'very good' king says Vine caller

Callers were invited on Channel 5's Jeremy Vine Show to discuss whether the monarchy should be abolished after Prince William becomes king, with guests Jacqui Smith and Dominque Samuels backing their removal. But a furious caller named Hannah rung in to defend the Royal Family, stating they were "the envy of the world" and Prince George's upbringing meant he would be a good future king. Polls suggest the popularity of the senior royals has increased following Prince Philip's funeral and Prince Harry's departure and calls for abolishment have hovered around 15 percent over the past few years. 

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Speaking on the Jeremy Vine Show, caller Hannah told panellists: "I think we are the envy of the world, we have a Queen who is so totally respected. 

"Prince Philip, a lot of people in this country were very sad to see him go.

"What wasn't advertised enough was the huge charity work that he carried out - he didn't advertise all the work that he did. 

"William is modern thanks to Kate and I think because [they are] so public related, that they will bring up George in a similar vein.

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Prince GeorgePrince George's upbringing will make him a good king says one caller (Image: Getty )

Jeremy Vine Channel 5Jeremy Vine spoke to Hannah on his show (Image: Channel 5 )

"And I think he could possibly make a very good king."

Earlier in the programme, Jacqui Smith told host Mr Vine: "I wouldn't design a political system where those at the top couldn't be removed from power."

The former Home Secretary added she could not see it happening

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