Prince Andrew accused of racist comments by former minister: ‘It involved ...

Prince Andrew: Jacqui Smith makes claim about comments made

Ms Smith alleged that the Duke of York made racist comments about Arabs to her during a state banquet for members of the Saudi royal family. Ms Smith claims she and other guests were left “slack jawed” by the comments made during a conversation at the reception in 2007. Now, the allegation ‒ strongly denied by the Palace ‒ has resurfaced after Ms Smith was invited to discuss the future of the Royal Family on Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine.

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Ms Smith linked her alleged experience to Meghan Markle’s recent claims in her interview with Oprah Winfrey that a senior royal made racist comments about her unborn baby when she was pregnant with Archie.

Ms Winfrey claimed in a voiceover for the programme that there were also “undeniable racist overtones” in certain coverage of Meghan in the media.

Ms Smith said on Jeremy Vine’s show today: “I did say, I did hear [Andrew] say racist things and I did say it; I mean, I haven’t talked a lot about it since and think Sophia makes an important point.

“Your argument, Jeremy, was that the Royal Family have modernised ‒ well, I’m not sure it has modernised enough, given some of the enormous controversy and hurt that a lot of people felt around Meghan Markle’s suggestions that she had been treated in a racist way, incidentally not only the Royal Family but also, of course, by the British media as well in the way in which she was treated.

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prince andrewPrince Andrew was accused of making racist comments (Image: GETTY)

Jacqui SmithJacqui Smith on Jeremy Vine (Image: Channel 5)

“So I think there’s a need for the Royal Family to look very carefully at the way in which they are behaving to people who come into that family if they are going to maintain ‒ I agreed with Dominique, there is very high level of public support for the Royal Family, I don’t dispute that ‒ but the Royal Family will have to work hard in order to maintain that.”

Ms Smith was alluding to her previous claim about Prince Andrew that he made racist comments during a state dinner in 2007.

The politician, who was Home Secretary from 2007 to 2009, made the claim in an LBC podcast in which she was discussing the 2019 general election campaign with Iain Dale.

She said: “I met [Andrew] several times, including once at a state banquet, where after dinner I and my husband and another

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