Kate Middleton braved water onslaught from children as press ‘scrambled to ...

Kate Middleton: Experts praise royal for Scouts visit

The Duchess of Cambridge has been a volunteer with the Scouts for around nine years, but became Joint President of the organisation last year. Scouts CEO Matt Hyde was asked in a podcast last week whether he has any favourite stories from Kate’s time with the Scouts. He recalled a great moment during the event she attended for the early years pilot two years ago, where they had four and five-year-olds for the first time.

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He described how the press pack had moved on to set up for the next picture, leaving Kate alone with the children, who wanted to continue den-building with her.

The next stage was to check whether the den was waterproof and the kids persuaded the Duchess to go into the den, while they checked how good it was by pouring water on it to see if she got wet or not.

Suddenly the press realised they were missing out on a great picture and scrambled back to the area to get the shot.

Mr Hyde described it as a “moment of magic”.

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kate middletonKate, Duchess of Cambridge in the young Scouts' den (Image: GETTY)

kate middletonKate speaking to one of the younger children at the early years pilot (Image: GETTY)

Pod Save the Queen is hosted by Ann Gripper and features Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers.

In last week’s episode, Mirror Online Lifestyle Editor Zoe Forsey interviewed Mr Hyde about Kate’s constitution to the Scouts and what it is really like working with her.

At the end of the interview, she asked whether he had any favourite stories involving the Duchess.

Mr Hyde said: “I suppose going back to that day when we focused on those early years pilots with four and five-year-olds at our headquarters.

kate middletonKate wearing the neck scarf of the scouts (Image: GETTY)

“There was a great moment when ‒ as you’ll know, the press pack move around and follow her with a whole snapping of cameras and ‒ they'd moved on to get the next picture.

“But what had happened was the Duchess was

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