Drivers furious as Green Party councillor joins sit down road block protest

Lisa, 52, stopped traffic in ColchesterLisa, 52, stopped traffic in Colchester (Image: Extinction Rebellion Colchester)

The lone activists wore sandwich boards during their protests, which read messages like "I am terrified because our planet is dying" and "I'm terrified my grandkids will suffer and starve because of climate change". Fuming drivers were forced to find alternative routes on Saturday. 


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One determined grandmother sat on a busy road in Colchester for an hour, reports Essex Live, while photos on Yorkshire Live show police desperately trying to persuade activists to stop.

Social media users shared their disgust at the behaviour today.

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One person posted online: "In the old times, police would have hoisted her up and away and, if she went back, arrested her. Obstructing the highway is an offence," 

One man wrote: "Too much time in their hands. Should have spent the day more productively [sic] picking up litter."

Another questioned: "How does creating a traffic jam help the environment?"

Lone protesters took it in turns to sit in the middle of a road in HuddersfieldThe activists wanted to highlight the climate crisis (Image: Extinction Rebellion Huddersfield)

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