Nicola Sturgeon's independence plan ripped apart

Scotland ‘can’t afford to be independent’ says Scottish voter

Professor David Blake, professor of finance at London's City University, warned of possible dire consequences ahead for Scots and their fellow Britons if Nicola Sturgeon's ambitious plan comes to fruition. Scotland's First Minister continues to pursue a second independence referendum despite her nation's deficit tripling to £40billion last year during the Covid crisis.

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And she has vowed to tie Scotland to EU rules if voters accept her independence vision and vote to sever ties with Britain.

Prof Blake said if Ms Sturgeon came knocking on Brussels' door asking to be readmitted the bloc's bosses could seize it as a unique opportunity to create instability on the UK's borders.

He said Brussels may welcome Scots back with open arms, but for sinister rather than honest reasons.

He suggested the Europeans could go as far as to station military personnel in Scotland in a bid to intimidate Britons living a few miles away in England and across the water in Northern Ireland.

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brexit scotland independence euAn economist has warned the EU could seek to 'break up the UK' if Scotland rejoined (Image: GETTY)

brexit scotland independence euNicola Sturgeon is pushing for a second IndyRef (Image: GETTY)

Asked how he foresees the process of Scotland rejoining the 27-member bloc, Prof Blake told "It all depends on whether the EU sees Scotland as an opportunity to break up the UK."

He pointed to the EU's Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) which punishes member states for breaching fiscal rules and said Scotland is unlikely to meet membership requirements.

But he said the bloc could bend the rules in order to allow the country back if it saw it as an advantageous move.

He explained: "Under the criterion of the standard rules, the Maastricht rules of the budget deficit, the less than 3 percent of GDP and the national deficit being met with 60 percent of GDP, then Scotland is never going to satisfy the conditions of entry.

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brexit scotland independence euProf David Blake said the Europeans could give Scots a warm welcome back (Image: GETTY)

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