France threatens Jersey with electricity cuts over post-Brexit fishing licence ...

Fisherwoman calls for 'more coverage' of responsible fishing

Tensions have reached breaking point following a massive row between French fishermen and the island of Jersey after new post-Brexit fishing laws published on Friday reduced French fishing opportunities in the area. French officials insisted the new rules are "null and void" and have now cut all ties with Jersey. And in a huge escalation, the fishermen have now threatened to "cut electricity" to Jersey as a cable runs from northern France to Jersey, in response to the row. 

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A new post-Brexit licencing law that came into effect in Jersey on Friday has meant French boats that want to fish in Jersey waters need a licence issued by the Jersey Government.

An official list of 41 vessels that had received their licences was published on Friday.

The licences are issued to French boats as long as they can prove they have previously fished in Jersey waters - this includes including proof that they have fished around Jersey on at least 10 occasions in any one of the last three years.

The new laws also place a limit on the number of days for fishing (seven to 170 depending on the boat), restrictions on types of fishing vessels, what equipment they can use, what they can catch and where and there has also been closure of certain fishing areas.

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fishingFrench fisherman are prepared to do whatever it takes to regain access (Image: Oest France)

French fishingFrench authorities are furious over the new laws (Image: Getty Images)

However, a group of French fisherman and officials have declared the licenses "null and void" and despite the new laws being discussed for months the French authorities have claimed the "inexplicable conditions" have not been discussed with them and that they are "against expectations"

The officials raising their anger at the laws are the President of the Normandy Region Hervé Morin, President of La Manche Council Marc Lefèvre and Chair of the Maison de

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