BBC Newsnight: Diplomacy between West and Iran could ‘make hostage-taking go ...

The US Senior Foreign Service officer has suggested a diplomatic intervention could help resolve tensions between the West and Iran. Mr Mull, who spearheaded the US enactment of the Iran nuclear deal, added that reaching agreements on both parties’ interests in common could help “make hostage-taking go away.”

“The key to solving the huge problems that exist between the West and Iran is trying to get some sort of diplomatic process going so we could make a more honest assessment of what their needs are… what the mutual interests in common might be… and there are mutual interests in common between the West and Iran.

“There is the free flow of energy through the Persian Gulf, a stable Afghanistan, a stable Iraq, and so forth.

“And use that diplomatic process to build trust and get to work in constructive ways to solve these problems, and hopefully, make hostage-taking go away.”

Mr Mull’s remarks come after last week tensions between the US and Iran reached a new high when, according to the US Navy, an American warship was forced to fire warning shots at Iranian vessels after a close encounter in the Persian Gulf.

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The US Navy said Iranian boats charged at two American warships in the Persian Gulf on April 26.

The move prompted a US retaliation, with one

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