A UK top scientist claimed another lockdown would be 'unlikely'.

Julia Hartley-Brewer clashes with Liz Truss over covid restrictions

Professor Neil Ferguson, whose models led to the first nationwide lockdown, believes the worst is behind us. Professor Ferguson’s comments come as the Prime Minister said there is a “good chance” the 1m social distancing rule could be scrapped by June 21.

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Speaking to the BBC, the professor said: “In the worst case scenario, if we have a new variant pop up which does manage to evade the vaccines, say late summer early autumn, there may be a need to roll back on some of these measures at least temporarily until we can boost people's immunity.

“Do I think it's likely to happen? No, I don't.

“I think we are much more likely to be on a steady course now out of this pandemic, at least in this country.”

On Monday, Boris Johnson suggested some “opening up” of foreign travel could be allowed for people in England on May 17 but added that “we have to be very, very tough.”

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Future lockdowns unlikelyFuture lockdowns unlikely claims top scientist (Image: Getty Images)

Boris JohnsonBoris Johnson suggested social distancing measures could be dropped in June (Image: Getty Images)

Foreign holidays are currently banned but the Government is expected to categorise which countries are classed as green, amber or red in their latest traffic light system of rules.

Step three and four of Mr Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown has yet to be confirmed, but the Prime Minister said the results of the vaccine were “really starting to show up in the

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