US host warns Royal Family in trouble after Queen 'got rid of upstarts' ...

Joy Behar says it was ‘a mistake’ to ‘get rid’ of Harry and Meghan

Comedian and actress Joy Behar believed the future of the Royal Family was under threat as they were becoming "less exciting" since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's departure. She explained the world pays the most attention to the British Royal Family but its pulling power has been diminished as members are now seen as "boring". Ms Behar believed it was a mistake to get rid completely of Prince Harry and Meghan and that the US has gladly welcomed them in with open arms. 

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Speaking to US chatshow The View, Ms Behar was invited by co-host Whoopi Goldberg to share her opinions on the Royal Family and whether it should be abolished.

She told the show: "As I've said before, this particular monarchy is the only one in the world that anybody pays attention to it seems to me.

"Nobody's checking for the king of Brunei or the Netherlands or the Solomon Islands they're only interested in this crowd.

"And the world pays attention to them because they have great PR.

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Joy BeharJoy Behar branded many royals as boring who have lost the value of Harry and Meghan (Image: The View)

Prince Harry Vax livePrince Harry made an appearance at Vax Live (Image: Getty )

"Now, what's gonna happen to the PR when the Queen is gone - she's been holding it together for almost 100 years.

"William is sweet and he's kind of boring, Kate is lovely, but also no

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