'Damage is done' Prince Harry warned gulf with Prince Charles 'very difficult ...

Prince Harry and Charles: Expert discusses ‘divide’ between royals

Prince Harry's relationship with his father, the Prince of Wales has been strained to the point of breaking following the Duke's face to face interview with US chatshow host Oprah Winfrey. The comments Harry made during the landmark interview "may have hurt those closest to him," according to a new royal documentary produced by Channel 5. 
In 'Charles & Harry: Father and Son Divided' royal experts and close aides discuss the damage that has been done to the relationship between Prince Charles and his youngest son.

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Royal author Tom Quinn told the show's producers: "There is no doubt the gulf between Harry and Charles had widened considerably.

"I mean I think if they are not careful it will be very difficult to bridge that divide in future

"I can't see how they can do it."

Palace figures with a personal insight into Prince Charles's and Harry's once strong bond share Mr Quinn's concern.

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Prince Harry and Prince Charles warned over ‘divide’ in relationshipPrince Harry and Prince Charles warned over ‘divide’ in relationship (Image: GETTY)

Grant Harrold, former butler to Charles, William and Harry told the Channel 5 documentary: "The damage is done.

"And that makes me sad because the relationship that I knew which was a

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