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Whether you’re going on a short trip or a lengthy holiday, luggage of any size can be laborious to cart around. 

In what may be the most exciting invention since suitcase wheels, a US-based firm has developed hands-free luggage. 

The Travelmate is a robot companion in the form of an autonomous suitcase. 

It moves with you as you walk and can reach speeds of up to 6.75mph. 

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Travelmate robot suitcaseTravelmateThe Travelmate is a robot suitcase that moves with you wherever you go

The sleek case can be positioned both horizontally and vertically, with an inaudible motor powerful enough to hold another bag on top of it. 

Travel mate constantly adjusts to your speed, easily able to navigate through crowds and over rough terrain. 

The robot can change direction when someone runs in front of it so no one gets hurt. 

Its battery can charge devices

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