Who did Princess Margaret marry? Why didn’t she marry ...

Who did Princess Margaret marry? Why didn’t she marry ...
Who did Princess Margaret marry? Why didn’t she marry ...

Princess Margaret and the Earl of SnowdonGETTY / Princess Margaret married Antony Armstrong-Jones after her split from Group Captain Townsend

In the smash-hit royal drama, Margaret embarks on an affair with divorcée Group Captain Peter Townsend.

Although the public are in full support of the match, the Cabinet insist that Queen Elizabeth intervenes and break the pair up because the Church of England does not allow for divorcées to remarry.

The series ends with Margaret single, heartbroken and full of resentment towards her sister.

But in real-life, what happened next?


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Just over four years after the split, Margaret became engaged to photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones.

She reportedly accepted his proposal after discovering that Group Captain Townsend was to marry another woman.

The announcement came as a surprise to the public as the couple had concealed their romance from the press.

The couple married at Westminster Abbey on May 6, 1960, with Princess Anne as a bridesmaid and Prince Philip escorting the bride down the aisle.

Most European royal families boycotted the , disproving of the Princess marrying a commoner.

Margaret and Lord SnowdonGETTYMargaret and Antony announced their engagement in 1960

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Princess Elizabeth

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Queen Elizabeth II

The ceremony was the first royal to be broadcast on television with 300 million people watching across the world.

Margaret and Antony, who was created Earl of Snowdon, had two children – David, born November 3, 1961, and Sarah, born May 1, 1964.

But their marriage was dogged by rumours of extra-marital affairs on both sides, and the couple split in 1976 after pictures were published of the Princess in the company of another man, Roddy Llewellyn.


Princess Margaret's weddingGETTYThe couple married at Westminster Abbey

Princess Margaret's weddingGETTYMore than 300 million people watched the ceremony on TV

Lord Snowdon went on to remarry just months after their divorce was finalised.

However Margaret remained single until her death on February 2,

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