Middle East expert: If Erdogan wins Turkey referendum, the Arab world will ...

Erdogan and supporters ahead of referendumGETTYErdogan hopes to win sweeping new powers in the April 16 vote

Mr Erdogan is putting up a tough fight for a constitutional reform that would see him awarded a swathe of new powers.

Voters will head to the polls on April 16 to have their say in the controversial referendum, which sparked diplomatic war between Turkey and much of mainland Europe.

But one Middle East expert has warned a vote in the Turkish leader’s favour will spark chaos across the Arab world.

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Pro-Erdogan referendum supportersGETTYThe referendum has sparked many protests in Turkey

No voters in referendumGETTYThe referendum has split public opinion

Abdel Mottaleb El-Husseini claims that if Mr Erdogan succeeds, it will have catastrophic consequences for the whole region.

And he says this will have particular significant for the Kurds, who he warns will lose all hope for reconciliation.

He said: ”With his expanded capabilities and the belief that the Turks are behind him, Erdogan will carry all the Kurds' aspirations for autonomy and rights to the grave.”

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