Rival pollsters scrutinise shock poll claim that Theresa May could lose General ...

Theresa MayEPAA shock YouGov predicted that Theresa May could lose 20 seats in the House of Commons

The surprising poll, which is so far out of step with every other election prediction, also claimed that the Tories would lose their majority and cause a hung parliament.

While Mrs May played down YouGov’s findings yesterday, rival pollsters have queried the controversial results.

Tory campaign aide Jim Messina, who helped mastermind President Barack Obama’s election victories, criticised the findings as “yet another stupid poll from YouGov”.

Theresa May and Jeremy CorbynEPAThe General Election is just days away

Mr Messina appeared so sure that Theresa May will win that he challenged YouGov general manager Ben Leet to a bet over the prediction.

In a message on Twitter, he said: “Spent the day laughing at yet another stupid poll from YouGov. Hey Ben Leet, do you want to bet for charity?”

Another pollster, Andrew Hawkins of ComRes market research, questioned the validity of the poll’s results.

He said: “If voters behave the way they broadly did in 2015 then the Conservatives remain on track for a 100-plus majority.

“That seems, on present assumptions, the most likely outcome.”

Wed, May 31, 2017 Britain heads to the polls on June 8 for a snap general election. LIVE images as the campaign unfolds across the UK.

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We know we run a risk publishing so much data in the heat of an election

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