Richard Hammond crash: WATCH shock moment supercar ‘loses control’ on ...

The 47-year-old’s white Rimac Concept One can be seen speeding around a track in Switzerland before “losing control”.

In the clip, the vehicle can be seen hurtling up the track before heading towards a turn in the road. 

Unfortunately, it seems that the driver has misjudged how sharp the turn in the road is. 

The car can be seen veering off the track before the video, which is yet to verified, dramatically cuts off. 

Images of the crash have also emerged and show the car burnt out on the mountainside after it burst into flames. 

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White car on race trackNP • YOUTUBERichard Hammond: A white car can be seen speeding around the track

White car heads towards the turnNP • YOUTUBERichard Hammond crash: The car can be seen veering off a sharp turn in the road

Richard was rushed to hospital following the shock incident and “fortunately suffered no serious injury”. 

The Grand Tour’s official Twitter account issued a statement, which read: “Richard Hammond was involved in a serious crash after completing the Hemburg Hill Climb in Switzerland in a Rimac

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