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Primark RECALL: Highstreet shop warns shoppers to return THIS item over ...

Primark product recallGETTY/PRIMARKPrimark has recalled thousands of flip flops over cancer fears

Three different designs of flip flops from the store’s Cedar Wood State range are part of the product recall.

The flip flops are believed to contain chrysene, which has been noted to be a carcinogenic risk to humans and can cause cancer, reports Science Direct. 

The shoes were taken off the shelves on June 2 after being on sale since January. 

Primark has suspended its orders of the flip flops with an investigation pending, and is offering full refunds to customers. 

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Primark product recallPRIMARKPrimark product recall: The flip flops are in the Cedar Wood State range

All new orders with this factory have been suspended while we carry out a thorough investigation.

The products kimball numbers are: 

Khaki - 02387/07, 08, 09

Black - 02387/01, 02, 03

Blue - 02387/04, 05, 06

A Primark spokesperson told “We take the safety of our customers, and the quality of our products, very seriously, which is why we have chosen to recall three men’s flip flops from our Cedar Wood State range. 

“All new orders with this factory have been

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