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Child sex abuse victim forced to hand over £100,000 of his compensation to ...

Andrew KerslakeDimitris Legakis/Athena PicturesAndrew Kerslake has been ordered to pay his estranged wife £100,000

Andrew Kerslake, 47, was initially awarded £175,000 by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, which pays damages to victims of violent crime as compensation having suffered the abuse at the hands of a family friend from the age of five to 10.

Mr Kerslake though did not want to touch the cash as he considered it “dirty money” and instead put it in a trust with the time of giving it to a charity when he dies.

However, his former wife Helen Tippett, 42, demanded a share of the money after she argued in a court in Wales that the money was a marital asset and should be shared out equally.

Andrew Kerslake with his then wife HelenDimitris Legakis/Athena PicturesHappier times - Andrew Kerslake with his then wife Helen

It doesn’t seem right – she wasn’t the one who was abused. I will do everything I can to defend the trust for the future

Andrew Kerslake

The pair were married for 19 years and Andrew became estranged from their four children, aged between seven and 22, when the relationship broke down six years ago.

After a hearing held in private, Judge Stuart Batcup ruled in Mrs Tippett’s favour. Mr Kerslake was given until tomorrow to pay a lump sum of £100,000, or risk going to jail for contempt of court.

Mr Kerslake told the Daily Mail: “I will fight it all the way and go to jail if necessary. Helen… and her new man will spend it how they like. It’s shameful that she has even asked for the money, how can she get pleasure out of my pain and suffering?

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