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Donald is more popular than Barack Obama, says Arab leader

Donald Trump and Barack ObamaGetty is more more popular with Middle Eastern leaders compared with former president Barack Obama

The stark admission comes from Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri, who suggests that the rapturous welcome that Mr received during his recent tour of the Middle East was genuine.

Mr Hariri blasted Mr Obama for his “naiveté” and the gap between his “inspirational rhetoric” as president and his actions.

In a recent interview with Politico, Mr Hariri laid bare how the region feels about the current and former US presidents.

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Despite Mr ’s alleged ties to Russia - which have led the FBI to launch a probe into whether or not his team colluded with the Kremlin to influence the 2016 US elections - Mr Hariri blames Mr Obama for Russia’s growing influence in Syria.

He says that Mr Obama’s “inaction” to interfere in the region led Russia to win in the country ruled by Bashar al-Assad.

He added: “The unfortunate consequence of not acting has been Russia’s restoration as a regional heavyweight, the resurrection of Bashar Assad’s bloody regime in Syria and the failure to produce an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal."

Trump and HaririGettyLebanese prime minister Saad Hariri said Mr shows more leadership than Mr Obama

He says Mr Obama was taken in by Assad and the Russians when he made a deal with them in 2013 to remove chemical weapons. 

He thinks this was the wrong thing to do and he should have bombed Mr Assad when the Syrian dictator crossed his “red line” by gassing his own people.

Mr Hariri said: “We know their actions. We know their lies. We know what they do to people. We know how they act with people. So, when Bashar al-Assad says that, you know, he’s going to get rid of the chemical weapons, he’s not.

“And if you believe him, it’s your mistake that you’re believing

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