Dan Hannan shuts down 'euro-fanatics' with this evidence & proves why ...

Dan Hannan and BrexitGETTYDan Hannan has accused Remainers of selective reading

The Tory MEP accused Remainers of selective reading surrounding the economy and insisted continental Europeans still “regard the British economy as attractive” in spite of the scaremongering. 

He poured scorn on pro-European Union campaigners who predicted a recession and pointed out Britain had actually grown faster in the six months after the historic referendum than in the same period before. 

Writing for the New York Times, Mr Hannan said: “I’ve learned in politics that almost no one listens to the other side. Rather than going to the source, people read allies’ reports of what the other side is supposed to have said. 

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“If a British person tells you that the vote was ‘all about immigration,’ I can almost guarantee that you are talking to a Remainer. 

“Those among my friends who voted to stay in the European Union didn’t weigh and then dismiss the economic and democratic cases against membership; they never heard them.” 

Insisting that “most people, whichever way they voted, are celebrating the good news”, Mr Hannan turned his attention to falling unemployment and record manufacturing orders. 

He said: “Remainers like to point to the fall in sterling, but rarely mention that, before the vote, the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of England agreed that Britain’s currency, seen as a haven from the travails of the euro, was artificially expensive. 

Dan HannanGETTYHannan described Remainers as euro-fanatics

Tue, July 25, 2017 Britain starts informal trade talks all over the

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