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MGS V Ocelot UPDATE - Metal Gear Solid 5 patch release date, time for PS4, Xbox ...

Metal Gear Solid 5 players will now be able to play as Revolver Ocelot thanks to the MGS V Ocelot updateKONAMIMetal Gear Solid 5 players will now be able to play as Revolver Ocelot thanks to the MGS V Ocelot up

MGS V will be getting the big Ocelot update today which lets Metal Gear Solid 5 fans play as Revolver Ocelot in FOB (Forward Operating Base) missions.

True to character, Ocelot will be able to draw and reload his weapons quicker then other characters and he can dual-wield a pair of Tornado-6 revolvers.

MGS V players will not be able to change Ocelot’s clothing, but he does have a sightly increased camouflage rating.

Ocelot can also use ricochet bullets on marked enemies, patch notes on the official Konami website detailed.

The update, which has a release date today, also brings with it swimsuits for all FOB staff.

It also adds new functionalities for the Wormhole Generator, automatically extracting the player when in a critical situation.

Konami had not announced a release time for the update, but they have tweeted to say it should be live worldwide now.

They tweeted: “MGSV:TPP updates are live for FOB! You can now Revolver Ocelot revolver ocelot revolver ocelot revolver ocelot your enemies' Mother Bases!”

This update was tweeted yesterday - a day ahead of the intended release date.

Some fans tweeted to say it was not live in their region yet.

But others said to hold tight as it would become live at different times in different time zones.

One fan tweeted: “Time zones...  Some places have it already some don't.  Wait and you'll get the update.”

Tue, August 1, 2017 MGS V players are getting the big Ocelot update, which lets them play as Revolver Ocelot in FOB Missions
MGS V players will be able to play as Revolver Ocelot thanks to a new Metal Gear


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MGS V players will be able to play as Revolver Ocelot thanks to a new Metal Gear

MGS V is almost two years old, but this hasn’t stopped Konami from updating what is essentially Hideo Kojima’s swansong to the Metal Gear Solid series.

Since the release of Metal Gear Solid 5, he left Konami - who still hold the rights to MGS - to work on upcoming PS4 exclusive Death Stranding.

Kojima has recently teased fans about the progress of Death Stranding, which was unveiled at E3 last year.

He tweeted: “Today I was able to see the good result of testing DS. I think I will have a good sleep tonight.”

Fans have been given two Death Stranding teasers so far, which does not give any indication of how it will play.

Sat, July 22, 2017 PLAYSTATION Plus free games include Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry and Just Cause 3.
PlayStation Plus August 2017 PS4, PS3, Vita free games screenshots


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