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SPACE BREAKTHROUGH: Major boost for alien life hunt after Cassini finds THIS on ...

titan lifeGETTYAstronomers have found the building blocks of life on Titan

The Cassini spaceship, which has been at the ringed planet since 2005 and is currently in the final stages of its mission, detected carbon chain anions – one of the main ingredients of life on Earth.

Scientists describe them as prebiotic meaning that they could be the foundation for life as with the case on Earth.

The chemicals were found in the moon’s atmosphere which has redefined scientists understanding of Titan.

Ravi Desai, study lead author and PhD student at University College London (UCL), said: "We have made the first unambiguous identification of carbon chain anions in a planet-like atmosphere, which we believe are a vital stepping-stone in the production line of growing bigger, and more complex organic molecules, such as the moon's large haze particles.

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cassiniGETTYCassini in front of Titan and Saturn

"This is a known process in the interstellar medium – the large molecular clouds from which stars themselves form – but now we've seen it in a completely different environment, meaning it could represent a universal process for producing complex organic molecules. 

“The question is, could it also be

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