Discovery of first exomoon could help find ALIENS

exoplanet moonGETTYAlien life: Exomoon discovery could help find ET

Astronomers from Columbia University believe they have found the first evidence of a moon orbiting a huge planet outside of our solar system which could have huge implications in the search for alien life.

Some scientists believe the origin of life on Earth was aided by the fact our planet has a large moon.

It is theorised, but not proven, that the gravitational pull of a large moon on a planet can stabilise the planets axis rotation, leading to a stronger ecosystem and a greater chance of life beginning.

The suspected moon was brought to experts’ attention by analysing data from the Hubble Space Telescope.

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alienGETTYMoons could help life begin on planets

The researchers wrote in their paper published in the online journal arXiv: “Exomoons represent an outstanding challenge in modern astronomy, with the potential to provide rich insights into planet formation theory and habitability.”

The team believe the moon could be about the size of Neptune – almost four times as big as Earth – and

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