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Splatoon 2 players will get a brand new map during the first SplatfestNINTENDOSplatoon 2 players will get a brand new map during the first Splatfest

Nintendo Switch owners have been treated to another great exclusive with Splatoon 2 being released on the hit hybrid console in the past few weeks.

And the brightly coloured paintball shooter is already getting a bit of a refresh soon after launch.

Later this week Splatoon 2 players will get a brand new map called the Shifty Station.

However, there’s a catch - it will only be available in the stage rotation during Splatfest events.

Nintendo have said the map’s layout will change between Splatests, which means players will be battling on different version of the map each time.

The inaugural Splatfest for Splatoon 2 will be happening during the first weekend of August.

In Europe, the Splatfest will begin on Saturday August 5 at 3pm BST.

Those taking part have to pick their sides by choosing which one is their favourite condiment - mayonnaise or ketchup.

In the US, it will start on August 4 at 9 pm PDT, and will finish on August 5 also at 9 pm PDT.

Sun, March 19, 2017 SPLATOON 2 has a summer release date for Nintendo Switch.
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Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch screenshots

Splatoon 2 players can choose their side right now by heading to the voting booth in Inkopolis Square and selecting their favourite condiment.

Once they’ve picked a side, Splatoon 2 players will get a T-Shirt which has either mayo or ketchup on it.

You can also upgrade the abilities of your special Splatfest Tee by playing in Turf Wars “to help you gain the edge” ahead of the weekend.

Describing the upcoming Splatfest on the

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