'My parents never said they loved me' Princess Diana reveals details about ...

Speaking candidly to her vocal coach as her marriage to Prince Charles deteriorated, Diana opened up about upbringing, her relationship with the Prince of Wales and their “very odd” sex life.

Despite some people, including Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell, criticising the release of the tapes, the footage is set to be broadcast on Channel 4 this weekend.

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princess diana in her own wordsPA/CHANNEL 4The tapes reveal a difficult upbringing & a tough relationship with Charles

Discussing her childhood with vocal coach Peter Settelen at Kensington Palace, Diana said: “My parents, they never said they loved me. 

“No, no, no idea. There was no hugs or anything like that.”

In yet another shocking revelation, the Princess claims neither she nor her sister Sarah were told about their father’s plans to remarry - and only found out about it after reading the newspaper.

Explaining the moment she spoke to her sister after discovering the news, Diana said: “Sarah rang me up and said, ‘Have you seen the newspapers?’

“We were so angry, but Sarah said, ‘Right, Dutch’ - my nickname was Dutch - ‘You go in and sort him out’.”

The argument that followed resulted in the young princess slapping her father across the face before storming out.

Sat, July 22, 2017 As the 20th anniversary of her death approaches, a series of previously unpublished images have come to light
Lady Diana & Charles Spencer

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Diana with her Brother Charles, Lord Alhorp (Earl Spencer) in 1968

She revealed: “I said 'that's from all of us for hurting us' and walked out and slammed the door. 

“He followed me and he got me by the wrist, turned me around and said, ‘don't you ever talk to me like that again', and I said, 'well, don't you ever do that to us again', and walked off.” 

She also reveals intimate details of her sex life with Charles, adding: “It was odd, very odd. But

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