Is THIS the future of cruise ship travel? Giant luxury liner flies through the ...

The image shows the striking concept of a flying cruise ship

Cruise holidays have rapidly changed over the past century as technology has allowed for radical developments. 

Ships are now built to offer more luxury than ever, with many cruise lines pushing the boundaries when it comes to new features on board. 

From race tracks to rollercoasters, skydiving and mega slides, cruise ships in 2017 are a lesson in entertainment. 

But the future of cruise ship travel could be even more mind-blowing. 

Shared on Reddit, one image shows the striking concept of a flying cruise ship. 

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cruise ship holidays travel future flyingREDDITCruise ship holidays: Are flying cruise ships the future of travel?

The blip-like vessel is shown soaring over mountains and through clouds, with guests wandering on top of it. 

A pool is set on the surface, set by deck chairs and green space up the back. 

The incredible cruise ship-plane hybrid has thoroughly impressed the internet. 

Also shared on Imgur, the image has been viewed over one million times, with hundreds of comments. 


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