TERROR WATCH: Seaside Britons at risk of ISIS vehicle attacks like Barcelona, ...

SeasideGETTYSeaside police forces have claimed that they have noted the attack in Barcelona

The warnings come after ISIS terrorists called for vehicle attacks on the West just 10 days before the Barcelona van rampage.

Kyle Orton, an ISIS expert from the Henry Jackson Society, told the Daily Star Online that provincial towns in the UK are at risk from jihadi truck attacks.

He added: “There are two factors, the geography and symbolism. The trade-off they make is either attack in a symbolic place, or maximising casualties.”

Security expert Chris Philips has said attacks on UK seaside towns are “feasible” but also added ISIS’s main focus is on attacking “iconic sites”.

He said: “You can’t prevent the use of vehicles as weapons completely, but you can make it more difficult to attack certain sites.

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“That is what we have done in the UK. But you cannot put it everywhere because there is just too much, and even then people have to cross the road."

Seaside police forces have claimed that they have noted the attack in Barcelona and are working to “ensure the protection” of British citizens.

A Government spokesman said: "The threat from terrorism is changing and so must our response. That is why we are reviewing our counter-terrorism strategy and powers and why we have put extra resources into counter-terrorism.

"The Department for Transport is also working with the police and the vehicle rental industry to explore what more can be done to prevent the malicious use of hire vehicles. This includes looking at what more rental companies could do before an individual can hire a vehicle.

"We have also been

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