Looming terrorism threat makes EU Schengen zone a 'utopian idea which must be ...

Jacques Myard and Berlin attackGETTYJacques Myard said the idea of the Schengen zone was outdated

Jacques Myard, from the right-wing Republicans party, labelled the idea of a Europe without internal borders as a “thing of the past”.

The Mayor of Maisons-Laffitte, a suburb north west of Paris, told RT: “It is very true that today not only the Schengen but many [other] aspects of the European construction are not functioning properly.

“Schengen is an opportunity to improve control of our frontiers. Unfortunately, we should restore the internal control at our borders to prevent people to smuggle in. 

“This is why I do believe that the Schengen agreement should be revisited on a more realistic basis than this utopian principle of having a free zone without any control at the internal borders.”

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He added: “Even France because of the terrorist attacks has restored very quick control at our borders, especially in the airports and also at land borders.”

Mr Myard’s remarks echo the claims made by Nigel Farage, who said the “the free movement of people also means the free movement of terrorists”.

The growing anti-EU sentiment comes after a spate of terror attacks have swept across the continent in recent years.

Migrant crisisGETTYThe migrant

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