Martin Lewis on your state pension: THIS could make you eligible for THOUSANDS ...


Martin Lewis explained how you could be missing out on thousands of pounds from your pension.

The Money Saving Expert claimed that one in three people who are owed extra credit are not claiming them.

The 44-year-old said explained ‘pension credit’ averages out as an extra £50 a week - a serious sum for those collecting their pension.

Even if you have savings too, you could get an extra £14.

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Martin Lewis pensionGETTYMartin Lewis on state pension: This could make you eligible for thousands in pension credit

Martin Lewis on state pension latest updates: You could be eligible for thousands in pension credit

The financial journalist said: “If you are aged 63 or more, and don’t receive the full state pension and have income of less than £155 a week (or a couple earning less than £237), then you may well be entitled to this extra payment – if you are, it averages over £50 a week, so it’s a serious sum.

“As always with these things who is eligible is complicated, but if it sounds like overall you may be due then it’s worth calling the Pension Service on 0800 99 1234 to see if you’re likely to qualify or fill in the application

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