#GBBO 2017: Paul COLLAPSES over PENIS 'This is inappropriate'


Julia looked a little embarrassed as judges Paul, 51, and Prue Leith, 77, along with presenters Noel Fielding, 44, and Sandi Toksvig, 59, pointed out that the baked treat had a phallic-shaped appearance to it.

Julia said of her bread: "That just looks inappropriate,” as Paul giggled: "I like the snail."

His smirking prompted host Sandi to ask: "Is there something about the shape of the snail?"

As Paul bent over laughing and wiping his eyes, Prue then said: "Paul, are you going to pull yourself together?"

Paul Hollywood GBBOCHANNEL 4Paul cried with laughter during tonight's GBBO

GBBO penis breadCHANNEL 4Prue asked Paul to 'pull himself together'

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Paul, are you going to pull yourself together?

Prue Leith to Paul

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