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'Is the Eiffel Tower in ?' Google’s most embarrassing travel searches ...

It appears many of us did not pay enough attention in geography class, if Google’s most popular travel searches are anything to go by. 

Research by travel money providers, The Money Shop, has revealed some embarrassing shortcomings in knowledge of the world’s most iconic sights. 

Official analytics from the past 12 months revealed the popular questions typed into the search engine by prospective tourists.  

The Eiffel Tower opened in Paris in 1889, but it seems 128 years is not quite long enough to learn the location. 

An average of 25,000 people visit the top of the monument each day, but an astounding 480 Google searches thought it might belong to somewhere other than France. 

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Google search travel fail Eiffel Tower Machu PicchuGETTYGoogle has received some questionable searches when it comes to travel

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One of the most surprising travel fails was “Is the Eiffel Tower in ?”

So too was the question “Is Mount Everest in Europe?”, accounting for 240 searches. 

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