Juncker plans 'ASSAULT on democracy' with United States of Europe proposals, ...


The former Ukip leader told Express.co.uk Juncker's speech today strengthened his fears Brussels will launch an attack on European democracy.

Mr Farage said: "I genuinely believe you’re going to see an all out assault on genuine democracy across the European Union. 

"We’re going for a full United States of Europe. One strong president, a finance minister that should intervene in people’s economies, a strong European army, active foreign policy. More more more, in every regard!"

EXPRESS.CO.UKMr Farage said Juncker's proposals were a worrying premonition on the future of European democracy

Mr Farage was clearly appalled by Junker’s earlier claim that the EU could appoint pan-European ministers with unprecedented powers WITHOUT any form of electoral process.

He said: "There’s a certain intellectual honesty to it: the Brits are leaving, full steam ahead. The most worrying bit was – and I’ve been worried

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