End of the world: The RAPTURE is coming on September 23, claims Christian ...

jesus raptureGETTYThe RAPTURE is coming on September 23, claims Christian Evangelist

Christian Evangelist Gary Ray believes the beginning of the end is set to start on September 23, when Jesus will return.

And the theory comes from a series of calculations based on the Bible. 

Mr Ray says he subtracted 2017 ‘prophetic years’ of 360 days – as opposed to calendar years – from September 23, 2017 to arrive “in the Fall of 29 AD” – the start date for the year of Jesus’ ministries where he was baptised.

The conspiracy theorist says this is significant because 29 AD is when Jesus’ followings really gained traction before his crucifixion three years later in 32 AD.

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jesusGETTYJesus could return to judge mankind, says Gary Ray

By analysing Biblical texts, Mr Ray believes September 23 will mark the return of Jesus and there will be “a seven-year period of awful tribulations”.

The reason September 23 is so important to Mr Ray is because the sun will appear in the constellation Virgo – Latin for ‘virgin’, IE the Virgin Mary.

Following the solar eclipse last month, this is a sign the rapture is supposedly coming.

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