The end of the wheelie bin? UK city trials futuristic new UNDERGROUND rubbish ...


bin underground wheelie cambridge waste collectionGEOFF ROBINSON•GETTYNew steel chutes leading to underground chambers could be the future of waste collection

The project, believed to be the first of its kind in the UK, has been unveiled in north west Cambridge and features sleek stainless steel chutes on the pavement that feed into huge underground chambers.

When the chambers fill up, a sensor notifies the council which in turn triggers the dispatch of a specialist lorry, which lifts the container out of the ground and empties the rubbish into the vehicle.

The new scheme has eliminated the need for 9,000 wheelie bins in Eddington, in north west Cambridge alone, prompting calls for the new underground collection system to be introduced in other areas of the country.

The Shared Waste Service for Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire District Councils has already started collecting residential waste from the underground bins in Eddington, the University of Cambridge’s new district.

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The 150-hectare site will take several years to complete but, once finished, will include 450 recycling and general waste bins in underground banks placed across 155 locations.

The project is part of the University of Cambridge’s sustainable living vision and similar schemes are common across Europe.

Residents have been given leaflets containing details about what can be recycled, including labels which match those

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