BBC demand Jeremy Corbyn does more to end ‘misogynistic’ ABUSE of female ...


Jeremy CorbynGETTYJeremy Corbyn told to do more to end abuse aimed at female journalists from his supporters

Female journalists were top targets for abuse on Twitter and Facebook with the BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg singled out for much of the abuse, Sir David said.

The BBC boss said female journalists faced “increasingly explicit and aggressive” attacks on social media networks.

Reporters have to contend with face-to-face abuse and booing at public events and press conferences.

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Sir David said: “I have become increasingly aware of the abuse that some of them – particularly female journalists – are subject to, on an almost daily basis.”

He continued: “It also occurs in plain sight, at press conferences and political gatherings on all sides.”

“Politicians cannot stand by and watch – they must confront any abuse, and make it clear that it is intolerable.

Truth and accuracy are under assault like never before

BBC chairman Sir David Clementi

“The journalists of the BBC, when abused simply for doing their job, should know they have the determined support of the Board to stamp it out.”

Many Jeremy Corbyn supporters have targeted Ms Kuenssberg with vile online abuse in the belief that she is biased against the Labour Party’s left.

Ms Kuenssberg was assigned protection staff during the general election campaign following a deluge of misogynistic abuse.

Laura KuenssbergGETTYLaura Kuenssberg was assigned protection staff following abuse during the general election campaign

An online petition calling for the BBC political editor to be fired from her role at the broadcaster was taken down after by executives at 38 Degrees, the website that hosted the poll, after claims it had been “hijacked, and used as a focal point for sexist

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