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Hurricane Maria path: spaghetti models show storm could MERGE with Jose - Will ...

Hurricane Maria has made landfall, causing severe damage to Dominica. A number other Caribbean islands are in the path of  the storm. 

Shocking spaghetti models have shown that the storm may merge with Hurricane Jose off the US coast.  

In the footage, Chris Zelman explains that the US mainland could be hit by the gigantic storm. 

However, the forecaster said that the path of Hurricane Maria depends on Jose which could keep it away from the US east coast. 

He said: “The story is the east coast, how does [Hurricane Maria] effect it?

Hurricane Maria path updateTWITTERHurricane Maria could merge with Jose avoiding the east coast of the US

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“Right now the chance of it coming directly across the east coast is pretty unlikely. The reason is the interaction with Jose. 

“You can see Jose up here just lurking. What we are going to see is the  Fujiwhara effect. 

“These two systems will rotate around that point. You can see just as much weaker now Jose is now by the time we get into next week. 

“This interaction between Maria and Jose will be key in keeping Maria away from us - the stronger of the two systems.”

You can see Jose up here just lurking. What we are going to see is the Fujiwhara effect

Chris Zelman

Winds of 160mph (260kmph) battered Dominica as Hurricane Maria made landfall in Dominica, according to the Trinidad and Tobago

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